Routes & Trails

Map Created by Bicycle Club

Although there are many good resources for bicycling maps in Provo, we decided to create our own map. It is still in it’s beginnings so if you’d like to help contribute, email us, and we’ll give you access and instructions on how to help complete the map.

Maps or the Mountainland Association of Governments has a pretty good map of bicycling trails in Utah county. Printed versions are also available in some bike shops. They also have an app for android and for iPhones called the Utah County Trail Guide.

Google Maps includes a biking view. Click in the search bar, and then below click "Bicycling". To make or review edits to the map, go to Google’s Map Maker. On the right side under labels, select "Bicycling." To review edits, in the menu beside Map Maker, select Show Changes in Current View.

BYU Campus Map under “Parking” includes bike racks on BYU campus.

What it’s like in the Netherlands

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