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Cyclists in Latvia Demonstrate How Bikes Save Space

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As a note, the United States average vehicle occupancy in 2009 was 1.67 with Utah at 1.69.NHTS We could certainly save some space around BYU by riding more bikes!

The absurdity of single drivers taking up so much space on the road was vividly highlighted when a group of Latvian cyclists went for a ride wearing car-sized frames made of bamboo. In celebration of International No Car Day on September 22nd, the cyclists gave their bikes a temporary makeover that forces actual automobiles driving alongside them to treat them like they would another car.

They look ridiculous, and that’s the point. Standing out in the transparent structures, it’s clear how little space each person actually takes up within that space. The frames are easily three times the width and length of the individual cyclist.

The protest, held by members of Let’s Bike It, highlights how much congestion could be eased on the roads if more people commuted by bike instead of cars, not to mention all of the other benefits.