BYU Rules

These rules can also be found at the BYU Police site. BYU rules include or overlap Utah law, and are paraphrased for simplicity.

  • Do not ride on campus sidewalks between class periods or in congested areas. Walk your bike or use the roadways during these times. (See also §14-6a-1106)
  • Follow signs that prohibit bicycles (such as the ramp between the Tanner Building and the Cannon center.) (See also §14-6a-1106)
  • Yield to pedestrians, and travel at reasonable speeds on sidewalks. (See also §14-6a-1106)
  • BYU rules only permit parking your bicycle in designated bicycle parking areas. You may not lock your bicycle to fences, rails, trees, etc. (See also §41-6a-1107)
  • Bicycles may not be inside BYU buildings.
  • Your bicycle must have brakes. (See also §14-6a-1113)
  • If riding at night, bicyclists are required to have a front white light and rear & side reflectors or lights. (See also §14-6a-1114)
  • Ride as far to the right of the road as practicable. Notice the many sharrows where you can take the middle of the marked lane. You may turn from the left turn lane, or cross at the crosswalks. You may take the middle of a lane (likely the right lane) if it is unsafe for cars to pass. (See also §14-6a-1105)
  • BYU may impound abandoned bicycles or bicycles parked in non-designated areas. To impound bikes, BYU may cut locks and will not be responsible for cut locks. Locks may not be cut without a uniformed Police officer present.
  • Provo City bicycle registration is required by BYU and Provo city ordinance.